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Make Me Moan

Aaliyah Hadid is on the phone with her boyfriend,he’s gone on vacation with his buddies and she misses him. She’s also really horny, so she starts having phone sex with her bae, unaware that her hot roommate, Darcie Dolce is eavesdropping on the conversation! In fact, Aaliyah’s dirty talk is so steamy that Darcie’s pussy gets dripping wet , so wet that she sneakily masturbates while listening to the call! Then, the horny brunette approaches the bed, but Aaliyah catches her and chases her away. When Aaliyah resumes dirty talking to her boyfriend, Darcie sneaks back into the room. Determined to help her roommate get off and make her moan, she crawls to the bed and starts licking Aaliyah’s juicy pussy! This time, Aaliyah doesn’t try to stop her! Instead, she ends the call with her boyfriend and the two roommates give in to their Sapphic lust as they lick and fuck each other’s pussies!

Roommates that LOVE to eat pussy!

Darcie Loves Noelle

There’s nothing hotter than seeing busty beauties Noelle Easton and Darcie Dolce all dolled up in sexy neon clothing. With their massive tits practically falling out of their outfits, Darcie can’t wait to go sit down on the couch with the gorgeous Noelle. Darcie’s been waiting for a long time to be able to fondle and suck on Noelle’s big tits and now’s her chance! These two sexy sluts have some fun playing with each other’s big natural boobs before making out on the couch and fondling each other’s killer curves. Darcie’s so thankful to finally be able to have some fun with Noelle because this lesbian hottie can’t wait to start acting naughty with her fellow female friend! After watching these two smoking hot girls eating each other out and getting absolutely soaking wet, there’s no question, Darcie loves fucking Noelle! We hope to see these two pairs of tits together again very soon, because seeing Noelle and Darcie together was absolutely titillating!

Roommates that LOVE to eat pussy!

How To Use A Dildo

Darcie Dolce‘s stepmom, Briana Banks, is going away on vacation. While she’s gone, she doesn’t want Darcie going through her things, she’s quite territorial, after all. Because their relationship started off on the wrong foot, there was nothing Briana could do but tell Darcie to stay the fuck out of her room. Of course, as soon as Briana is gone, Darcie sneaks in to find something useful, how dare this step-mom order her around? Briana starts dating her dad, and thinks she can tell Darcie where she can and cannot go?! Through this revenge rummaging, Darcie finds a perfect little dildo to steal away to the back yard, sloppily sucking and fucking it! But what happens when Briana comes back to find Darcie naked on the lawn, spit dripping from her favorite purple toy? Will these girls learn to share, or double-down on their aggression? Hopefully both…?

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